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Confident, detailed, and passionate are just a few words that describe the artist Donovan Conway. His photography focuses on all aspects of nature since he finds himself at peace with the outside world and the stars at night. The desire to share those feelings with others through his art is what drives his passion for his work. Donovan's path to photography began at San Jose State where his talents developed, and his skills have continued to flourish after making his way back home to the Central Valley where he continued his education at Fresno City College.

Donovan Conway's attention to detail is what makes his art thrive. Within his work he focuses on the subtleties of color that help present his images vividness and vibrancy, but also devotes himself to the importance of tone that give his photography depth. His work features pieces from throughout his photographic career ranging from painting, printing, film, and digital photography. Donovan Conway's work shows the immense confidence he has for his art and for himself as a professional photographer.


photo by: John Huewe


photo by: John Huewe


photo by: Ray Bueno


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